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Choosing Great Business Furniture

What could be more important to your business than getting customers in the door? You may have a great product and a great service, but you can’t keep customers that feel uncomfortable in your business, or that feel things are just too out of date. When they see those things, they lose faith in what you do and what you sell. They may not even realize it consciously, but they will suddenly feel as if they should go somewhere else for what you have to offer. You may not know it, but your choice in business furniture may be sending them the other way.

What you have to know about business furniture is that it should look modern, unless the entire décor of your business suggests otherwise. If you are going for a retro look, it would always make sense that your business furniture reflects that. You can get away with old pieces when you do that, but be sure they are solid, clean, and in as good of a condition as you can get. Don’t go with anything broken, or that has visible repairs. If your furniture fits with an older theme, you can go with what works best.

For the most part, however, business furniture is going to be new and modern. You have a lot from which to choose, and depending on your business, you can get some pieces that are meant for the home rather than a business. That means you have more from which to choose, and that you can get the very best look for what you want. Modern does not have to mean space aged, but it does mean that you don’t want to have a set of business furniture that looks like it was born in the late 80s and has been sitting in someone’s garage for a decade or more.

Just as important as it is for your business furniture to look new and to match your business, you also want to be sure you have matched sets. You can go through a store and pick out things that you love, but you have to be sure you have some type of theme so things match and make sense. If you, like many others, have a problem with this, that is easy enough to fix. You can find an interior decorator that specializes in helping businesses. They can help you with your business furniture, and any other décor issues that you may have. You will be glad you got the help when you see what they can do for you.

Astronomy For Kids

Teaching Astronomy For Kids

As an elementary school science teacher, I always have a lot of fun teaching kids astronomy. It is natural to want to look up at the sky with a sense of wonder and ponder the nature of the whole universe around you. This is just the desire that astronomy for kids caters to. It is a great place to use a child’s natural curiosity to inspire a lifelong passion for the study of science.

One of the things that a lot of adults do not understand is that kids want to learn. It is all just a matter of making things seem accessible and important to them. That is why I usually start my astronomy for kids classes with a field trip. Rather than looking for the things they have already studied, they go in with fresh minds, ready to record details about the celestial bodies. I let them look at stars and planets through the telescope and make observations. Then, the next day in class, we use these observations as a starting point.

Of course, astronomy for children is not all just looking at neat pictures from the Hubble telescope or gazing through our own telescope (although there is a fair bit of both of these activities). Once we get back from the field trip, the class launches right into a lesson. The students make a list of questions they have. Usually, they want to know why the stars twinkle, why Mars is red, what the moon looks like up close, and things like that. Once they ask these questions, we can begin the class.

The great thing about starting my astronomy for kids class this way is that it is driven by student interest. They want to know about the moon so, when I tell them about the moon, it does not come across as just a bit of boring lecturing. The same goes for all the other subjects. They are motivated to learn, and that makes the learning happen.

At the end of the astronomy for kids class, I usually take them out to look at stars again. This time, however, we know a lot more about the heavens. When the children look out through the telescope, they can make meaningful observations about the universe around them. By comparing how they felt the first time they looked through telescopes to how they felt the second, they can see the importance of learning.

Welcome to NJ Connex

Welcome to NJ Connex!

On this website, I will share the best that the Garden State has to offer.  I would also like you as a user and visitor to add your own choices and favorites so that everyone here CONNEX to the best of New Jersey.

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